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 All quality tools & accessories are made either in Taiwan or in China. More than 300 items are included and please click the main tables above for details. 

Product Name Photo Description
Sanding & polishing Pads

More than 5 kinds, 40 items

Sander / Polisher Pads

DA Random Orbit Pads

Roloc Pads

Wool Buffing Pads

Stonemasons sanding and polishing pads


Screwdriver Bits & Its accessories Screwdriver Bits

Screwdriver Bit Set

Magnetic Bit Holders

Quick Released Bit Holders

Security bits ( tamper-proof bits )

Spanner bits ( Snake eye bits )

Four wings insert bits

Tamper hex insert bits

Tamper Phillips bits

Tamper Star bits

Tamper three wing bits

Trilob insert bits

Tamperproof security bit kit

Magnetic Nut Setter @
Electroplated Diamond hole saw @
Masonry Drill Bits @
Tapcon Drill Bits @
Glass & tile drill bits @

DIN338 twist drill bits


Jobber Length Drills M102
DIN345, Taper Shank Drills M103
Saw drill bits M105
Double end drill bits M106
inch & metric size of HSS step drills M201
HSS step drill bit set @
Variety of HSS countersinks 4 Flute Hss Countersinks M301
T.C.T. Hole Cutters ( Carbide Tipped Hole Cutters ) M401
HSS ( high speed steel ) hole cutter M402
Wood cutting tools http://www.woodking.com/index_of_drilling_&_boring.htm

More than 200 items of wood cutting tools on this web page


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